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Have you heard of cryptocurrency? It’s like digital money and can be traded like other commodities. There are countless ways to do it, but you usually have to analyze the markets. This is nearly impossible to do if you’re a beginner.

Also, you may not have the time if you work another job. Online trading is a job for many, but it takes practice and skill. Those who don’t have that think they are missing out.

You are missing out if you’re not trading cryptocurrency, but you don’t need to know about the markets to do it. CryptoSoft is here to help.

What is CryptoSoft?

Exceptional software

Exceptional Software

Bitcoin is here and part of our future. The software can help you profit from that. Take advantage of the platform now and for many years to come.

Immediate results

Immediate Results

Most people earn profits on the first day of joining. You can withdraw money at any time, giving you immediate results.

Money machine

Money Machine

Our software has generated thousands in profits last month, and now it is your turn!


What Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital money. Traditionally, it is collected like real money and placed in a virtual wallet. Bitcoin is a type of crypto.

With our software, you trade it using CFDs. Contracts for Difference includes a seller and buyer (broker). You determine what the cryptocurrency is going to do in the market at a given time. If you are right, the buyer has to pay you the difference from the contract value and the current one.

It’s highly lucrative, and many people enjoy doing it.

Of course, there is risk involved when trading anything, but that is how our software helps you.

What Does CryptoSoft app Do?

The software features a powerful algorithm. This is a math formula of sorts, and it reviews tons of data about various cryptocurrencies from the past. Of course, this helps the software determine what the crypto is going to do at a given time in the future. Then, it puts that information out there on the platform as signals.

It is also an automated trading bot. You can set up your account so that it does everything for you. Therefore, it uses those signals to trade Bitcoin CFDs and other cryptocurrencies. Of course, it’s set up to find the best trades.

To do that, you set up your account with trading rules and can change them each day. This sets the risk level and many other things.

We know it’s a bit confusing, but you can seek help by emailing. We also explain each part of the process in-depth when you’re on the platform.

Trade Cryptocurrencies on Any Device!

CryptoSoft works with an internet connection. You can even utilize it over WiFi. This allows you to use almost any device that has a browser. Also, any browser can be used, as it’s designed to work on them all. Our website and auto-trader platform are mobile-friendly, giving you the opportunity to earn while eating at a restaurant or out running errands. Just make sure you stay within range of WiFi during trades!

Sign Up

We’ve made it exceptionally easy to sign up with CryptoSoft. Our software is always free to create an account and use it.

Of course, anyone can join. Just make sure that you’ve got a smart device, browser, and internet connection. You must also be sure that you want to trade online and make money.

The form is above at the top of our page. It’s quite simple and doesn’t require tons of information. Once you fill in each field and click the join button, you’re in!

The Steps in Detail

Go to the top of this website whenever you are ready. Input information, such as your phone number, name, and email address. We also ask that you create a strong password and write it down.

Click join. We always send new members a welcome email. This is to make sure that it is accurate. Please take a moment to check the address you provide before sending us your details.

You may need to wait a few moments before checking your email. Some phones have push notifications that tell you when you get a new email. If that’s the case, you may be notified.

Go to your email provider’s website and sign in. Find the CryptoSoft email and click the activation link when you’re ready. This automatically takes you to the platform, though you may need to sign in with your new credentials.

You can use the site with many smart devices and have to sign in on each one. Don’t forget your password!

Take a moment to browse the trading platform. You can stay on the site for as long as you need. Click on different things and read the information provided.

When you’re ready, just invest your small sum of $250. You get paired with a respected online broker. Set up the trading parameters, and let the software do all of the work for you.

What our Members say About Us

We think it’s crucial for you to hear from some of our members. They have made profits in short periods of time. This indicates that what we claim is true and also gives you a chance to hear from others.


“I’ve only been on CryptoSoft for a week, and so many exciting things have happened. Of course, I made profits that first day. Nothing too exciting came from it, but it allowed me to test the withdraw function. I got my money in the bank fast. It works, and it’s easy!"


“My girlfriend was getting fed up because we never did anything. She never said it, but I could tell. The first day on CryptoSoft, I earned so much and withdrew it. The moment it arrived in the bank, I took her to a fancy dinner. She was so surprised! We’re planning a small weekend trip now, and I think she is in heaven!”


“Being a stay-at-home mom is easy compared to working outside the home and singlehandedly raising three young kids. I love being a mom, and CryptoSoft allows me to provide for them and be there for them at all times!”


“I never saw myself as tech-savvy, but when a friend mentioned CryptoSoft, I wanted to try. With a passion for trying new things, this felt right up my alley. I signed up immediately, but I spent a few days doing some research just to be safe. When I felt ready, I deposited my funds and made a small profit. From there, it kept going, and I’m making decent money on the side!”


“It’s never easy to have nothing, but when you’ve always had it, you sometimes don’t know. I went from being a trust-fund baby to having no money at all in the blink of an eye. Of course, it was my own fault, and I was in some pretty bad situations financially. All that changed with CryptoSoft. You may not rake it all in, but you’ll earn money consistently. Give it a try!”


You’re here, and that’s a good sign. It shows that you’re interested and want to trade cryptocurrency online to make money. Still, you’re skeptical, and we appreciate that. This is a serious and legitimate offer, so take the time you need to feel comfortable. Read the information below to learn more. Contact us by email if there are any questions we missed!

1. What results are possible with CryptoSoft?

We’re seeing new members all the time to CryptoSoft, but that shouldn’t alarm you. There is plenty of green to go around by trading Bitcoin CFDs.

Of course, we’ve also got loyal members who have been using the app for a while now. As is how it usually goes, members who have been here longer make significant profits, and those who start out make smaller ones.

Results are always going to vary and are based on various conditions. For example, putting more money into the fund at first can help you earn more. You may also find that there are market slumps where there are hardly any good trades. Your profits may not be as high during these periods of volatility.

Also, the market fluctuates all throughout the day, so there could be times where you have a few losses, but then it picks back up, and you start winning. This is true, regardless of what you trade.

Since it’s all automated based on the rules you choose, it’s possible to do other things during the trading sessions. That way, you’re not wracked with worry. Periodically, check-in to see how you’re doing.

2. What does the software cost?

We offer a free copy of our proprietary software to every member. You pay nothing, and just have to sign up. Then, you can use it on the devices of your choice.

3. What are the working hours?

There aren’t any set hours to work. When you wake up, sign into the account. Set up your trading parameters for the day and hit the button for automation. For most people, it takes 20 or 30 minutes. Beginners may find it takes a bit longer because they’re learning.

4. Is CryptoSoft affiliate marketing or an MLM?

No, this has nothing to do with MLMs and affiliate marketing. Our software wins trades on cryptocurrency for you. We have high accuracy ratings, which is all because of the algorithm the software uses. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

5. What’s the maximum I can earn with CryptoSoft?

This is a hard question to answer because it depends on the volatility of the market. The amount you choose for each trade and the risk settings you choose also play a part. We have seen members earning $10,000 in a short period, but this isn’t a promise or a guarantee.

Our advice to you is not to expect too much, but expect to win most of the time. We also recommend that you give the software 30 days of testing. You can see your trade history and establish a pattern of sorts. This is going to help you predict how much you can earn with the rules and amounts in play.

6. Do you charge fees?

No, we never charge commissions or brokerage fees to become a member and make trades. We’re fully transparent with our dealings online. You can find out as much as you can before signing up, so we’re not hiding anything.

When you earn money, you get to keep all of it. Withdrawals are possible anytime and don’t have a limit. We ensure that your money gets processed on our end within 24 hours. However, the financial institution you use may take 72 hours for processing. There could also be fees on the bank’s end. You can often call your bank during regular business hours to find out this information beforehand.

7. Do you guarantee I’ll win money?

We cannot promise that you are going to earn money with CryptoSoft. However, we do guarantee that our website and auto-trading platform are secure and protect your information. You can see from the testimonials that many members are earning consistently, and there is no reason that you can’t do the same.

Why Choose CryptoSoft

Upon joining CryptoSoft, you get access to an app and software that proves its success. It’s become very popular, and we think you are going to enjoy earning money with it.

With an advanced algorithm in play, you get to predict the market and how it is going to move. This all happens with no work from you. There’s nothing to analyze because the algorithm does it for you. Plus, it works quickly, giving you an edge to make trades and decisions faster than the brokers with which you work.

Our Invitation

CryptoSoft is here to help everyone trade cryptocurrency, even if they’ve never traded before. You don’t need a significant investment, and it doesn’t take much time. This is a lucrative opportunity for everyone, and we’re extending you the invitation to change your life!

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