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With the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009, the trading world has expanded unimaginably, giving traders the ability to trade on cryptocurrency using online platforms. As the years passed, many other cryptocurrencies have been created; some are more popular than others, but they work similarly.

Since there’s a high demand in general for cryptocurrencies, many people have been trying to find a way into the trading world. However, trading is not suitable for everyone, so it’s common to see people backing off from it. If you want to try and be successful at trading, you need to commit to it; there are no short-term results, and you have to do a lot of research to understand what you’re working with. Some people can’t even get into trading because of all the dedication and time that it needs.

That’s why trading platforms were created to enhance the user experience (UI) and make trading more accessible for the average person. This allows newcomers to dive into this world even with no prior knowledge, as long as they are willing to learn and practice and are aware of the risks. The team recognized the need for a reliable trading platform on the internet and started developing the official Crypto Soft; their main purpose was to help you trade in a more straightforward way, so you can do so from anywhere, at any time, whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptos have been around for little more than a decade now, but some people still don’t understand how they work. If you want to hopefully become better at trading, you need to have a clearer idea of what you’re trading and how you’re trading it.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital assets that can be accessed by any person in the world. You can use them to buy and sell goods/services online without having to worry about international banking regulations since no government entity can control how cryptocurrencies are managed. Each crypto transaction is stored in a digital database that uses strong cryptography to secure the data. This database is also used to regulate the creation of new coins and provide proof of any crypto transaction that requires verification.

To purchase cryptocurrencies, you have to get a private digital wallet, which is where you’re going to store them. Each wallet comes with a unique access key that only the owner can use to access the account. Keep in mind that if you lose that key, you lose all access to that wallet. When you make a crypto transaction, you only need to provide a transfer signing key, which you also get with your new wallet. There’s no need to provide any personal information that you don’t want, which is why so many people prefer making international transactions through crypto.

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How Does Trading Work?

This activity involves speculating on the value of a particular asset, in this case, a cryptocurrency. Traders from around the world execute buy or sell orders depending on the speculation they made, and depending on the result, the trader may win or lose part of their investment.
  • There are many variables to a crypto’s value, which translates to high volatility. It’s virtually impossible to accurately predict what the value of any currency is going to be in the future, so you have to make a guess depending on your research.
  • This research is not going to tell you the future value of the currency you’re trading, but it may give you an idea of what to expect. If you don’t do any research on market data and trading strategies, you’re going to have a harder time figuring out what to do.
  • Another important thing about trading is studying and analyzing the markets. This involves spending hours carefully looking at market data so that you can plan your next move. Studying market behavior is one of the best ways to try and predict what a crypto’s value could be at a particular point.

However, not everyone has the time to spend many hours a day looking at a computer to find good trades. That is why Crypto Soft is designed to help you, not by doing the work for you but by offering all the information you need on one platform that you can use to trade wherever you are.

What is Crypto Soft?

It is a trading platform specifically designed to allow anyone to trade on crypto, whether they have prior knowledge or not. So if you’re interested in trading but don’t have the confidence to dive right in, Crypto Soft may be the way to jump-start your journey!

Crypto Soft works by providing you with a one-stop shop for all the information you need on market trends and fluctuations. Everything is neatly presented in a straightforward way, so you can learn the ins and outs of trading without feeling overwhelmed.

You can use the platform anywhere, at any time, as Crypto Soft is web-based and can be accessed with any device, so you can always check the markets and hopefully make timely trades.

And if that’s not enough, the platform connects you with your own account manager, so if you’re feeling unsure, you can always ask him / her for more information. Better yet, you can share your trading parameters and limitations with the account manager, so he / she can send you prompts whenever a possible viable trading opportunity arises. Once you make a decision, you only click the “Trade” button, and you’re good to go!

Traders of any skill level can use Crypto Soft. Whether you want to learn more about trading or wish to have a platform that makes your trading more streamlined, this might be a great option for you.

This may be one of the most convenient ways to get into trading for the first time, as you have to go over charts, you can spend some time analyzing the data provided by the platform, giving you the time to focus, learn and practice trading. That’s the only way to learn.

What Are the Possible Benefits of Using Crypto Soft ?

There are several other possible benefits to using the platform. Trading is a risky business, and no platform can eliminate that risk or guarantee results, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be an enjoyable experience, regardless of your skills and goals. Below is a recap of some of the possible benefits. If you feel like they hit the mark, you may sign up and start your trading journey with Crypto Soft!


One of the primary cons of trading is that it’s simple in concept but hard in execution. It may take you several tries until you figure out what to do. While this is common, some people don’t want to spend that much time trying to understand trading.

As mentioned before, getting better at trading takes time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated. Thanks to Crypto Soft, you can easily share your trading parameters with your account manager to start your trading sessions, and once you get the hang of it, you might well become a trader.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trader. The platform gives you all the information you need to study and analyze market trends and fluctuations, so you can either start trading right away if you’re feeling comfortable and experienced enough, or you can take the time to explore the platform thoroughly, come up with a trading strategy and ask your account manager to help you tweak or change it if at first, you don’t get the results you wanted.

Remember that trading is a risky business, so the more you learn the fundamentals and the more you practice to gain confidence, the more adept you might become. Just make sure to start slow and at your own pace.

You Can Use It Anywhere

Having easy access to your trading platform can make a huge difference in your sessions. Most professional traders use a single computer to work, which in most cases is more than enough. However, some people may not have a computer or the time to spend closely monitoring it.

Crypto Soft is web-based, so you can use it on any device that has an internet connection and browser. This means that you can access the platform from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, which might give you the advantage of hopefully making timely trades from anywhere, at any time.


There are many trading platforms on the internet that may try to regulate the way in which you handle your money. Some of them may charge you transaction fees, and others may put you through long funding or withdrawal processes.

The team at Crypto Soft doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable with the platform, which is why you have total control over your money from the moment you invest it to the moment you withdraw your available funds to another account. You can fund, invest, or withdraw your available funds at any time that you feel appropriate without any extra fees.

You Don’t Have to Pay Extra Fees

By using Crypto Soft, you’re gaining full access to the platform with no hidden costs. You don’t have to pay us any registration, transaction, or other hidden fees, so you’re free to handle your money as you see fit.


It’s common to trade on several different cryptocurrencies depending on how their value is evolving over the years. At Crypto Soft, they wanted to give you all the features possible within just one platform, so they added compatibility to many cryptocurrencies that are popular on the internet right now.  

However, the market is evolving as you read this, so the platform is continually evolving to support other cryptocurrencies that may be important for traders worldwide.


You’re not alone on this journey, and not just because you’re using the platform to help you navigate the markets, but because Crypto Soft provides you with another possible advantage, your very own account manager is connected with you as soon as you register, so you can ask for more information on the trading strategy you’ve built, and more importantly, you can share your trading preferences and limitations with the account manager to receive notifications that suit your trading criteria whenever a possible viable opportunity comes up.

How You Can Sign Up for Crypto Soft

Signing up for the trading platform is as easy as it gets! If you wish, you can open an account, and you can be on your way to hopefully enjoying everything that Crypto Soft has to offer. If you want to sign up, make sure to follow these steps carefully to avoid verification issues.

Step 1.

The first step to using the platform is setting up your new account. To do this, make sure to fill out the registration form below. You only need to put your full name, e-mail address, and phone number.

Once you click the button, you’ll receive a confirmation email connecting you with your partnered broker’s website, where you can log in using the credentials you chose upon registration. You’ll be redirected to the platform, and your account is ready to use.

Step 2.

You need to invest some money if you want to start trading live on cryptos. If you’re just starting out, it might be better to invest the minimum amount to make sure you start slowly and don’t lose too much on your first tentative trades.

Step 3.

There is no magic to trading, there’s only hard work and dedication. So start exploring the platform and all its features, learn how to read the data and analyze the market, share your

trading parameters with your account manager so he / she can send you the right notifications, and devise a trading strategy that works for you – again, don’t hesitate to ask your account manager for help – and just start practicing, whether you use the “Demo” feature first or jump right in with small tentative trades just to test the waters. Practice makes perfect, and it’s the only way to learn.

Step 4.

When you’re done with all the previous steps, you’re ready to start a live trading session. Once you’ve chosen a possible viable option, click on the “Trade” button, then check on the platform every once in a while to monitor how your money is doing.

CryptoSoft - Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have some pending questions after reading all this information, and that’s completely normal. When it comes to trading, it’s important that you clear up as much information as possible so that you avoid making mistakes.

To make this easier for you, the team has put together a list of the most frequently asked questions; this way, you can clear up any additional doubts you may have.


Creating an account to start your journey doesn’t take much time, but learning the ropes does. It depends on your skill level, of course, and there’s no rule of thumb on this; if you’re a seasoned trader, you might need less time on the platform every day, but if you’re just starting out, learning and practicing as much as you can might be a good idea.


Yes! You don’t need any trading experience to start using the platform, as it was designed to help beginners with their first baby steps. However, having experience could help some people to create trading strategies faster than people with zero knowledge. That is where your account manager may come in handy, so you may use his / her input to hopefully hone your skills. As you get comfortable with trading, you’re going to spend less time exploring and analyzing, but monitoring your trades is always super important.


According to some experts, This might be one of the best times to start trading; cryptocurrencies have seen a lot of growth over the past few years, and those experts believe they’re not going to stop growing anytime soon. There is a demand for cryptocurrencies, so there’s a wave of new traders coming in each day.

It might be only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies gain even more popularity and become the most frequently used payment method for every type of international transaction, so yes, this might be the right time to invest and try gaining more trading skills for the future.


Absolutely! You can switch your trading parameters by just alerting your account manager. The team is constantly adding support for new cryptocurrencies, but even now, Crypto Soft supports the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

If you feel like a particular cryptocurrency is not working for you, you can do your research on which one may be more suitable for you and trade on it.


Crypto Soft is generally free for all users. If you want to use it, you just have to sign up by filling out our registration form below; in only a few minutes, you can gain full access to every feature of the platform.

You are not required to pay any additional fees for funding or withdrawals, so the only amount of money you have to pay is the deposit you’re planning to invest in your trades.

Learn More About CryptoSoft!

Getting good at trading is not easy by any means; even if you use the platform to try and improve the way in which you trade, you still have to research market behavior and trading strategies. If you do this, you might become more fluent with your trading over time.

Overall, this is just a means to an end, a platform that might greatly help you if you’re looking for something that can facilitate the process while helping you learn. If you’re ready to start, fill out the registration form!

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